The SaberLoc cornice system is a modern alternative to traditional cornice systems using modern recyclable materials.

The basic (patented) design uses two parts to install the product. The first part is an anchor that is fixed to the meeting point of the wall and ceiling. This anchor is the only piece of the system that is permanently attached.

The second part being the actual cornice profile itself, which clips into the anchor allowing for later removal (for painting etc.) and can later be replaced with a different profile if necessary. We view this installation as a major improvement over traditional cornice products.

Here is a list of the advantages SaberLoc presents in comparison to plaster based cornice products commonly used in the building industry.

  • SaberLoc installation is quick and easy for both builders and handymen
  • SaberLoc does not need to be accurately cut to length
  • SaberLoc can be easily removed for painting of walls (no more cutting in!)
  • SaberLoc is modular in design allowing for changing cornice profiles quickly and easily without damaging wall or ceiling finishes
  • SaberLoc is recyclable and can be made from recycled materials
  • SaberLoc can be installed by any home handyman and does not need special tools or equipment
  • SaberLoc provides a method to hide low voltage wiring such as speaker or antenna cable
  • SaberLoc is part of a new product range that will include skirting and architraves in the future all based on the same simple patented, modular design. More on that later.

In short, SaberLoc is the future of second fix!