Installation of the SaberLoc Cornice product is quick and easy. It is basically fully installed in three easy stages.

Anchor Installation

The first step is install the anchor. This is an extrusion that is fixed to the wall and ceiling corner using a combination of adhesive and staples or nails. The staples or nails are used to keep the extrusion in place while the glue sets. When set, the anchor will then be permanently fixed to the wall.

At this point, low voltage wiring (speaker cables etc.) can be installed onto the anchor in the channel provided.

Extrusion Installation

The second step is to cut the cornice extrusion to length. The extrusion does not need to be cut accurately to length as the injection moulded corners overlap and cover approximately 25 mm. The cornice extrusion is then "snapped" into the anchor via the ball and socket setup.

Add the Mouldings

The third step is to snap the injection moulded corner pieces into the corners covering the ends of the cornice extrusion.

This completes the job of installing the cornice! If the cornice needs to be removed for any reason (painting the wall/ceiling, upgrade to a different style, etc), this is easily done by removing a corner moulding and literally peeling the cornice away from the anchor.