Technical Detail

The SaberLoc product consists of two extruded components and various injection moulded components that make up a complete cornice system. It is planned that around 3 standard colours will be produced so you don't have to paint if you don't want to.

SaberLoc is made of rigid PVC (the same material as electrical conduit) and is impact and fire safe. Additionally, the lengths are lightweight, easy to handle and will not break.

Testing has been performed by AMDEL in Thebarton, Adelaide and has been tested for linear pull retention to 132nM in a direct 45 degree removal technique using an Instron 5566 universal testing machine at a rate of 55mm/sec. This stuff won't fall off!

Other Amdel testing was to determine if this can be painted and if the paint will adhere to it. The test method used was AS1580.408.4 and absolutely no paint peeling was observed. Another pass!

The extruded components can be produced in lengths that far exceed the current plaster supplied lengths, which means no joining for the most part. Lengths will be made to the industry standard, but can be made up to ridiculously long lengths if required.

The moulded products are available as the following components

    • 90° internal and external corners.
    • 135° internal and external corners for those 45° doorways, etc.
    • 1 left hand and 1 right hand endcaps.

SaberLoc uses a unique installation method. Firstly, an "anchor" extrusion is fixed in position using glue in a channel on the rear designed for the purpose. It is held in place using nails, screws or staples while the glue dries.

This is the only piece of the SaberLoc system that is permanently fixed to the wall.

Exploded View

As an extra convenience, the anchor incorporates a channel to support low voltage wiring (such as speaker cable).

The cornice profile is then clipped into the anchor as shown below. The design allows for the edges of the profile to contact the wall and ceiling before it locks in to allow for slight imperfections and leaving no gaps.

Semi Inserted

With some more pressure, the profile locks into the anchor providing a clean finish as shown below.

Fully Inserted

The mouldings are then attached to the same anchor at the corners providing a continuous cornice around the room.

Mouldings are designed to overlap the profile providing both a feature in the corners of the room and also removing the requirement for accurate measurement and cutting of the profile during fitting.

The profile and mouldings are easily removed for painting (no more cutting in!) or replacement with a different profile if required.

Our first profile will be a 55mm cove style. We intend to offer a range of profiles to suit most building styles and construction.

Ankapro has been granted two out of the three SaberLoc patents that we applied for in Australia.